UFCW Local 1000 supports a range of charitable causes and community programs. Our commitment is to helping working families across Oklahoma and North Texas at the worksite, at the voting booth, and in their neighborhoods. Here you’ll find a number of the causes Local 1000 and its members support along with pictures and blogs about our member’s activities in the community. 


Charitable Causes: 

April 2015 Shoot for the Cure: UFCW raised almost $30000 to fight childhood leukemia. Check out the pics!

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The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Faces of Our Children: Fighting Sickle Cell Disease, Education, Advocacy & Fundraising


Disaster Relief: 

In 2013, Local UFCW unions from across the United States donated money to our Disaster Relief Fund to help our members that lost their homes in the devastating tornadoes in Moore, OK. We were able to deliver that money to grateful and surprised members. 

Cathy from Homeland in Oklahoma City was overjoyed and overcome with emotion. She was so excited she pulled her union representative Fitz Jennings outside the store to say a prayer of thanks. Cathy’s home was totally destroyed and the donation she received will be put to good use in replacing many of her lost possessions. Cathy related a story about how she felt saved by God in living through the tornado so that she can continue helping children she has adopted. 

Remy Power Products worker Wes was also very happy to receive assistance from the Disaster Relief Fund. Wes and his family had to buy a new home after their’s was destroyed in May. This donation will go to help with those costs. Local 1000 is thankful to its union brothers and sisters for donating and helping out these hard-working members. It goes to show unions still stand together in solidarity in the face of adversity. Thanks from all of us in Texas and Oklahoma.

image (5)

Fitz, Cathy, and Robert

image (4)

Fitz, Robert, Wes, and Jerry




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