Common Objections to Organizing (and what to say back!)

Learn the Common Objections to Organizing and

How to Respond

Below are some helpful responses to the most common co-worker objections to organizing.

If we start complaining, we’re going to get fired.

There is safety in numbers. Our employer will have a hard time singling out any one person if we act together. We need to be smart about it—we won’t take any action until enough people are involved that management can’t fire everyone, and we’ll keep this private until we have enough support.

Finally, this is our right—most workers in America have a legally protected right to organize together and advocate for workplace changes.

I can do better on my own.

In the long run people are always more powerful together. Look at health insurance, for example. You could be the boss’s best friend, but you’re still going to get the same deal everyone else gets. And in the end, anything that you get by being the favorite really isn’t secure.

Are you trying to organize a union?  That might have worked a long time ago, but those days are gone.

Right now, we’re trying to achieve this specific goal.  I disagree that unions are a thing of the past—just compare the pay and benefits of workers who get to bargain as a union and those who don’t—but let’s stay focused on what we’re trying to achieve right now.

Our boss will never listen to us.  We can’t win. OR, We should all just quit.

We will only know if we can change things here if we try. The conditions we have right now exist because nothing is happening to improve them. If we organize, we can change that, and win something better.



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