Give Back Friday!

On November 27, 2015, in Organizing, by admin

Yesterday, the UFCW and Making Change at Walmart officially released a series of holiday actions against Walmart, beginning with a call to action during the week leading up to Black Friday called the “Give Back Friday” initiative. Give Back Friday is all about helping the hundreds of thousands of hard-working Walmart employees who are paid so poorly that […]

UFCW Day of Action for Minyard’s Workers

On November 10, 2015, in Organizing, by admin

UFCW Local 1000 and UFCW Local 540 stood in support of Minyard’s workers in their fight for better pay and better benefits. Working families are struggling and our union family supports DFW grocery workers in demanding control over their lives. Unfair scheduling, rock-bottom wages, and bare bones benefits have pushed working families to the brink, […]

What is a union? Back to basics…

On October 10, 2015, in Organizing, by admin

Respect on the job?                    Check.Fairness?                                      Check.Safety?                                          Check.A voice […]

Making Organizing Easier for Sprouts Workers

On October 7, 2015, in Organizing, by admin

Sprouts Farmers Market workers deserve better. Sprouts opens new stores and pumps wages up, often luring away unsuspecting workers from union and nonunion competitors. Sprouts then caps wages for these workers or treats them so badly that they quit, never realizing they were tricked into helping Sprouts get off the ground. Its a vicious cycle.  […]



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