A Labor Day Message

By Ricky Burris

This Labor Day, the value of a union contract has never been clearer.

Across North Texas and Oklahoma, hard-working men and women are struggling in low-paying jobs with little to no benefits that make it impossible to secure much-needed economic stability.

We believe, like most folks, that no one should struggle alone. It’s just that simple.

Our United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1000 union family is proof that when hard-working men and women stand together, we can have the better wages we have earned and deserve through a strong union contract. On average, union workers earn over $200 more per week than their nonunion counterparts, and union workers are more likely to have jobs that provide health insurance, paid vacation, holidays and sick leave, and other benefits.

The value of belonging to our union extends beyond our contracts. Our union offers a free college benefit that makes it possible to earn an online Associate Degree with no out-of-pocket costs or need for loans. This incredible benefit is available to all UFCW members and their families. We also work hard to provide every member with the retirement security of a pension, so that folks can retire on their terms and not have to wait for or worry about the stock market. These benefits, as well as health insurance, scholarships, and legal support don’t just bring value to members, they also reflect the values of our union family.

We believe people who work hard have earned and deserve a better life. UFCW Local 1000 is proud to provide just that to every single person who joins with us.

Every day, more and more hard-working men and women from Oklahoma City to Tulsa to Dallas-Ft. Worth are banding together for good jobs so that all of us can build a brighter future for our families.

This Labor Day, we welcome you to join us and take a stand for a better life.

Ricky Burris is the President of UFCW Local 1000.


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