One of the most important parts of being union is the right to negotiate a better life at work. Kroger members – a mix of shop stewards and Local Executive Board – will sit down across from management as equals and discuss changes to the contract this Spring. Negotiating sessions will alternate between issues like scheduling and hours to healthcare and wages. Each side will trade proposals and come to tentative agreements as the entire deal takes shape.

How does the bargaining process work? Once a deal is struck that guarantees your rights and protects your paycheck and healthcare, then UFCW will host ratification meetings across North Texas for members like you to vote on the contract. Your vote is sacred as a union member. It will be very important for you to take the time to come to a meeting near you and make your voice heard. At the ratification meetings, the details of the new contract will be rolled out. You will get the chance to ask questions and offer feedback. A majority of members present at ratification meetings can accept the contract. Voting continues in rounds until there is a definitive result.

As negotiating continues in the next few weeks, you can still weigh in on the most important issues affecting you by filling out our online survey here: Watch your email, our website, and Facebook for updates!

Meet your committee here:


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