Dear Brothers and Sisters at Kroger,
I want to share some exciting news. We have successfully negotiated a Letter of Understanding with Kroger that will significantly raise the pay of overnight grocery stockers and add Level 4 cake decorator positions to some stores.
Here are the details:
–     New part-time and full-time overnight grocery stockers will start at $9.50 an hour
–     Current overnight grocery stockers will move to the pay rates outlined in the new progression here
–      New rates of pay will take effect 30 days from the signing of this Agreement
–      Stores with bakeries that exceed $20000 per week (averaged quarterly) will be allowed to add another Level 4 Cake Decorator
All other provisions of your Collective Bargaining Agreement remain in effect along with these new provisions.
You can read the Letter of Understanding on Overnight Grocery Stockers and Cake Decorators. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 817-421-1003 or email me at
Ricky Burris
UFCW Local 1000

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